Kew Reconciliation Services (preview)


Reconciliation is the semi-automated process of matching text strings (like Quercus alba L.) to entities in databases (like IPNI 295763-1 or

Kew is exposing some of our data resources through this website to encourage reconciliation against them. Once reconciled entities can be extended using other data — for example, the taxonomic status of a name, or the grid reference of a specimen. They can also be more easily integrated into portals like eMonocot.

Name matching

To ensure good-quality matches a sequence of transformations is configured, specific to each service. For example, a common error in botanical names is incorrect Latin endings (-us instead of -a). This service can take account of such problems.


Tools exist to make using the reconciliation service straightforward. The most user-friendly is Open Refine (previously called Google Refine), which provides a spreadsheet interface to reconcile data and extend it using Kew’s resources. See the help page for instructions. Alternatively, CSV files can be uploaded to this website, and will be returned with identifiers added. Or, a single query can be made.


This is a preview service. We would appreciate feedback on the interface, usage (with OpenRefine or otherwise) and quality of the matches produced. Please send any feedback to Matthew Blissett.

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